Cake in a mug.

Do you ever get those times where you feel like baking somethings but just don’t have the effort at all? Well I do. Here is a go 2 recipe that I found and instantly fell in love with. I found this recipe on Buzzfeed Blue. I would totally recommend it if you have a relaxing day. It’s good for the nice, cosy days which you have in fall. Here is how to make a cake in a mug!


2tbsp melted butter (unsalted works best)

1 small egg

Dash of vanilla extract

4tbsp sugar

6tbsp Self-Raising flour


In order to make this, grab a large mug and start by adding in the melted butter and the egg. Then stir them together.

Next, add the vanilla and the sugar together. Mix well.

After that, add the flour and stir until there are no clumps. It should have the same sort of consistency of a normal cake batter.

Put it in the microwave for about a minute. Cooking times may vary depending on the amount of energy your microwave has.

You’ll know it’s done when the top is soft and spongey and no longer runny.

Now, grab a blanket, kick your feet up and enjoy!

If you would like to make a chocolate version, add 2tbsp of coco powder and 4 tbsp. of flour. The rest will stay the same.

Enjoy and carry on baking!


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