Homemade pizza sauce

When I make pizzas, I love to use homemade sauce. I like to make it myself beacause I  can experiment and make it your own way. This is how I like to make it.

Fresh chopped tomatoes.Tinned will do as well.
Dried basil.. Normal will do too.
1 tsp of butter
1tbsp of grated cheese.
First, blend the tomatoes until they are all combined. You want to make sure that they are not too watery but just right.
Then in a pan, you wan to warm them on a medium heat while stirring. Add in a pinch of oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, dried basil and mint.
If so, add some more to your liking.
Add in the butter and cheese and mix until everything is combined.
Take of the heat and leave it to cool.
Smear it over your pizza and enjoy.

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