Buttercream Icing.

As far cake decorating is concerned, buttercream icing is the holy grail. It’s extremly versatile, It can be used for sandwiching cakes, cram-coating  a cake before the fondant goes on. And it can be used for decorating cupcakes and cakes with all the different icing nozzles and pipping bags.

Not only is it really easy to make, but it can also be stored in a airtight container in the fridge for a month plus. One can experiment with different flavours and colours!! The possibilities are endless!!!

I follow a very basic and fail proof recipe  that has not let me down.

You need the following:

500 grams of  shieved icing sugar.

500 grams of unsalted butter softened to room temp.

1tsp of vanilla essences.

Food colouring of choice.

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl/ food processor or a stand mixer, and beat well until all the butter and icing has incorporated well into a smooth past. If the icing is feeling too stiff, add 1tsp of boiling water, and mix again. while colouring your icing start with adding the food colouring paste or liquid a little at a time while mixing to get the desired colour.


Due to the very light nature of the icing sugar, when you beat it, it tends to blow all over. In order to prevent a fine layer of icing sugar all over the counters, I place the ingredients in the mixing bowl of the stand mixer/mixing bowl/ food processor, using a wooden spoon gently mix the sugar and butter together. Once the mixture is 80% incorporated you use your choice to gadget to do the rest.


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